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SUS304 EDM Drill Submerged Tank

How to keep tools always as sharp as new?


It has been always in a good sales season remaining.

Because there are too many job shops that always refused to accept jobs as to cutting SUS 304,316,420 nor D2 steel. Which usually dulled the tools quickly before their jobs have not been done yet.

They always prefer to cut Aluminium, Brass,  Copper.....light metal.

Because their tools will not be getting dull too soon.

How to cutting SUS 304,316,420 and D2 steel and keep the tools as sharp as its new conditions have become a very critical issue; Which concerned sales revenue and know-how for a job shop to keep on survival.

1. By using a harder material tool than SUS works to be cut.

2. Settle a propper spindle RPM and smooth direction to cut the works more gently.

3. Center hole marking cut than middle cut than finish cut; step by step.

4. Always keep the tools as cool down as possible by flashing water.

5. Keep the tools as cool as possible by submerging and stirring the water.

What caused the tools to dull so soon? A sticky carbon substance is generated by high heat from rubbering between the tools and works. This sticky carbon will adhesive over the tools and caused the works burrs.

If one could learn and practice the way it keeps the tools cool and proper lubricating; Then who will please deal with cutting SUS 304,316,420 and D2 steel.

Seven Metal's EDM DRILL Move column CNC has the oil /water submerged SUS tank which not only suits EDM Small Hole drilling but also excellent performance in the drill bit drilling of the tiny hole. 


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