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A Machinery dealer on the Stone Age got to be a millionaire.

Nowadays; Machinery dealer remains millionaires in your neighborhood. 

The EDM Drilling Machine Manufacturer Taiwan.

Seven metal was well established since 1980. When we make a machine, we insist on High quality, High efficiency, and Bulk sale quantity. Easy to learn. Easy piloted. We always insist on using the best material to build Sevenspark EDM Machines.

 Sevenspark EDM Drills has the classical front side operate spindle design; which could let the user check the centerline of the work naturally and easily.

The one-piece cast base Move column EDM Drilling machine is our newest idealized product. Which made our machines much more precise and durable than common machines.

 We have a lot of customers around the world; who having our machines for over 20 years and still using them now. we have established a strong history of happy customers, and you could be one too!

Besides, We are an EDM Drilling machine maker, not a machine dealer. Therefore, We sell to customers at a low price. We also welcome customized design machines.

We look forward to building up your wonderful EDM business land.

Seven metal welcome feedback, comments, and questions! Contact us if you need anything. We respond as quickly as possible, we usually respond within 24 hours! We strive for 100% satisfaction. If you are unhappy in any way please contact us so that we can do whatever it takes to make yours a great transaction. (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Taiwan Standard Time)

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